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Mahesh Kumar

Mahesh began his entrepreneurial journey in Singapore before moving to Sweden to work with Ola Ahlvarsson, his mentor. Mahesh presided over many successful ventures over the years, both as an entrepreneur with MagineTV and FitnessCollection and as an intrapreneur at Blocket and SEB. An entrepreneurial life inevitably includes many ups and downs and failures as well as successes, but what’s important is to learn from them, says Mahesh. 

Today, Mahesh is the CEO of Result, working with other experienced entrepreneurs to help grow scale-up companies. He identifies building personal contacts and partnerships and fostering trust as his best strength and leadership style.

    “The most important thing for me is trust. Whatever happens, trust should prevail.”

    Mahesh has 4 takeaways:

    • Personal contact and trust is important, and is what he values most. For him, it is vital to ensure that people can say “I trust you”. Whatever happens, trust should prevail.
    • People with similar values and skills sets that complement each other.
    • Have thorough concrete business model: having a lot of money does not matter if the business plan is not sound.
    • Cashflow: regardless of how you get it, you must have it.

    Mahesh is an advisor on our mentorship matching platform, pairing you with experienced entrepreneurs who can help you along your journey 

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