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Erik Wikström

Erik started his career at the Swedish giant Kinnevik, but his entrepreneurial leanings take him through a series of ventures over the years, from Interactive Television, Speed Ventures and Icon MediaLabs. The last name may resonate with entrepreneurs in the dotcom era, being valued at over 1 Billion SEK at its peak.

After the dotcom era, Erik spent 7 years in China exploring new entrepreneurial opportunities in the midst of its booming economy as he founded and ran China Venture Labs, a venture capital and consulting firm.

Taking everything I know about being an entrepreneur to run the growth labs with companies and see its participants grow is very rewarding.

Today, he is a Partner at Result and used his unique experience to run Growth Labs, fostering scale-up companies as he has done many times before. He specialises in fostering disruptive businesses and brings his hard-earned experience of boom and bust to companies today.

A true serial entrepreneur, Erik is also Chairman of dynamic companies in Stockholm such as FitnessCollection and Nordkap, and board member at Werlabs, Magine TV and Keyflow.

Erik is an advisor on our growth platform, pairing you with experienced entrepreneurs who can help you along your journey