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Edgar Luczak

Edgar spent many years at Accenture, moving between areas giving him experience in tech, processes, strategy, joint ventures, risk management, etc. with his work taking him to Germany, Finland, UK and South Africa. He came to Garantum with 17 people and grew it to over 200, establishing Garantum as one of the biggest fund companies in Sweden, holding 40% of in the structured products market.

Today, Edgar is a Partner at Result. He sees new opportunities in technology with the advance of VR, AR, AI, etc. and sees Result as being well-placed for the coming disruptions. Edgar’s expertise is in finance: fundraising, securities, capital markets, etc. and in running organisations large and small.

Lead, don’t manage. The right people will do the right thing if you nudge them towards the right direction.

Edgar has 4 takeaways:

  • Have very clear objective and grasp of things: where you’re going and what you want to achieve.
  • Be mindful how much money you actually have. Don’t count on money you might get in the future. When you do raise funds, be aware of what you’re giving up.
  • Things go wrong all the time: expect that. I have never been a situation where nothing goes wrong. So don’t count on it. Plan for the scenarios you can face.
  • A big mistake is telling people and micromanaging how they should work. Lead, don’t manage.

Edgar is an advisor on our growth platform, pairing you with experienced entrepreneurs who can help you along your journey