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Founders know what founders need




Innovate your business model and rethink your role with one-to-one advice from experienced

entrepreneurs, whose only interest is to see you succeed

Who we are?

We at Result operate a full fledged innovation ecosystem in the Nordics. We co-manage Epicenter, Stockholm’s largest innovation house and Sime, the leading digital industry meeting place. Our entrepreneurs have created 30 ventures and helped grow 355 companies.

What we offer?

Startups have accelerators. Corporates have consultants What about growth companies? We fast-track your growth by providing intensive deep dives on your specific objectives with a mentor who knows the rules of the game and how to get ahead.

How do we do it?

We offer an online mentorship and advisory platform. Identify your main challenges, then we match you with one of our experienced advisors and help you set up an action plan to speed up your growth in no time. 

Identify your challenges and we match you with an advisor who

has the expertise to give you value. 

Identify the main challenge you are struggling with


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Here are some of the companies we helped grow


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