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Founders know what founders need!


Do you wish someone understood all your growth challenges? Is your business growning but you are struggling to scale in new markets? Losing that great culture you had? You are not alone. We have a great network of entrepreneurs and founders who have been through the same journey. Save yourself some time, sleepless nights and get valuable insights to improve your company’s growth.

Who are we?

A global ecosystem for growth and innovation within digital since 1999. For Scale Up Entrepreneurs and Corporate Intrapreneurs. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden but with a global mindset and presence.

Our mission

We believe that founders know what founders need, therefore, we are here to offer you online advisory with the functional and emotional challenges.

What we do?

We work with helping you unlock growth as an extension of your team. Our online advisors can guide you, open our network, interim manage your operations in new markets to ensure you do not make costly mistakes when growing really fast.


We can help you identify challenges and find you an advisor with

experience in your field.

Choose area for your main challenges

You can learn more about the challenges we tackle everyday here:

“I’m not a start up, I’m a scale up!”

Mahesh Kumar, CEO Result

“5 tips to raising capital to grow from VC’s”

Mahesh Kumar, CEO Result

“Managing being a father and an ambitious entrepreneur building a growing business”

Mahesh Kumar, CEO Result

Meet online advisors

Adrian McDonald

Adrian McDonald


Entrepreneur: Widespace Intrapreneur: Microsoft, Telenor, SEB

Erik Wikström

Erik Wikström


Entrepreneur: Icon Media Labs, MagineTV Intrapreneur: Merck, SEB

Mahesh Kumar

Mahesh Kumar


Entrepreneur: MagineTV, FitnessCollection. Intrapreneur: SEB, Merck, Telenor.