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Adrian McDonald 

Adrian has worked with businesses spanning Australia, UK, Western Europe,, and now in Sweden.¬† These have been companies of all sizes, from 20 at Widespace to 120,000 at Microsoft. His expertise is in driving people, business model, and tech change in organisations, whether it’s intrapreneurship at large corporations or entrepreneurship at scale-ups.

Today, he helps scale-up companies to do exactly that, working as a Partner at Result. His experience is in high demand, particularly when it comes to sales and marketing automation.

Who you work with is incredibly important to your success. Be mindful of this when you make any decisions about people.

Adrian has 4 takeaways:

  • Have a clear vision, get your organisation behind it, and visit it regularly.
  • Hire great people who are preapred to adapt and deal with ambiguity. Therefore, don’t hire cheap, make sure you hire right.
  • Don’t be married to your existing business model. Technology is advancing faster than you can imagine and it will present both opportunities and new competition.
  • Don’t waste time or resources to be first to market or to be the disruptor. Make sure to invest when the timing right – you’ll have a much greater chance of success.

Adrian is an advisor on our growth platform, pairing you with experienced entrepreneurs who can help you along your journey