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As CEO of my company, one of my most important responsibilities is to make decisions. Clearly, quickly, and of course they should be decisions that keep the business on track.

So, decision fatigue has been on my mind a lot recently. Regular recharge sessions are vital to my being able to continue to make the best decisions –the anticipated and the not anticipated ones.

I’ve started to build in a routine to help me maintain an edge in the clarity of my thinking, both in and out of the work setting.

Enter the PIMP model:

Purposeful grit — Influential support system — Mindfulbreaks- Passionate hobbies


Purposeful Grit

Grit is a wonderful ability to endure pain, and not quit. But grit without purpose doesn’t take you too far. You need the vision, you need to find the purpose to see why you are going through the struggle.

Some Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it clear why / the bigger objective i am doing this for?
  • Do I have a choice to not go through this? (If yes, see question 1. If no, move to next section)
  • Can I change the way I look upon this pain if the bigger objective is clear?

Influential support systen

Research shows that we all need belonging. Sometimes the people in your closest support ecosystem need to be able to weild their influence on you. You need to trust the people around you who stick their neck out and ask you to stop or not stop. Support is good for belonging but guiding and influence is even more important for you to share your feelings and be vulnerable.

Some Questions to ask yourself:

  • What would I tell my best friend if she or he went through this?
  • What are the common patterns of reasoning persuading or dissuading from those who are closest to me?
  • What are your reasons to follow or not follow the advise you get?

Mindful breaks

Mindful breaks is when you don’t take vacation since it’s summer and everyone is doing that. Mindful breaks is the opposite. You know it’s time for a reset. A recharge. A mini break that is an extended weekend to a month (or more) getaway is just wonderful when you are looking forward to it unfolding and you visualize what you plan to do.

Some questions to ask yourself :

  • Am I really going to enjoy this break?
  • Can I visualize what I will be doing during the break that will give me energy?
  • Can I visualize my frame of mind when I come back to reality?

Passionate hobbies

Finally, passionate hobbies. Tons of research supports that picking up a hobby, especially if it helps you find mastery or autonomy is wonderful. You have an escape place despite tough situations at home or work. Hobbies could be exercising to picking a skill like language or dancing or involving yourself in a charity. The key is to find enough of a disconnect between your hobby and work. I personally try to find hobbies not involving a computer or technology.

Some questions to ask yourself :

  • Do my hobbies give me a new frame of mind when I am doing them?
  • What gives me pleasure in doing them that I can take into my work?
  • Do I enjoy doing them or am I just following a routine?

So here you go ladies and gentlemen, the PIMP model for wellbeing.

Thank the pimp in you for helping you guide your way into making big decisions such as to give up or to continue.

Mahesh Kumar
CEO Result

Entrepreneur: MagineTV, FitnessCollection
Intrapreneur: SEB, Merck, Telenor